GURPS 4th Edition Basic Set Characters

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The Basics

GURPS is the "Generic Universal RolePlaying System." It starts with simple rules and builds up to as much optional detail as you like. It's designed to accommodate any background: realistic or larger-than-life; past, present, or future. The possibilities are endless!

The GURPS Basic Set contains the complete core rules for character creation and advancement, task resolution, mental and physical feats, combat, injury, hazards, and NPC reactions. It includes basic magic and psionics systems, and starter lists of personal equipment, creatures, and vehicles. It also offers a plethora of practical advice on designing settings – their laws, governments, technologies, economics, and more – and running campaigns there. And it offers a sample campaign frame, Infinite Worlds, that can accommodate adventures set against a wide variety of backdrops.

In GURPS, characters are built on points. You can create any hero you can imagine by selecting attributes, advantages, disadvantages, skills, and other traits. The GM chooses the power level by specifying the players' point budget, and then GURPS delivers the goods – it supports everything from "ordinary folks" to "gods." 

Almost everything else in the game – from swinging a sword to firing a laser rifle to negotiating a good price from a merchant – boils down to a 3d6 "success roll." While there are lots of rules, they're all variations on the same theme. GURPS is easy to learn!

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