Phyrexia: All Will Be One Collector Booster Pack

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Each Collector Booster contains 15 Magic: The Gathering cards and 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token, with a combination of 5–6 cards of rarity Rare or higher and 2–5 Uncommon, 4–7 Common, and 1 Land cards. Every pack contains a total of 10 Traditional Foil cards. Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Planeswalker in 3% of boosters.
• 15 Magic cards + 1 foil token in each booster
• Borderless cards, showcase cards, and a special treatment that celebrates the glory of Phyrexia in every pack
• 5–6 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
• 10 Traditional Foil cards in every pack
• Glory to Phyrexia—resist the Phyrexian invasion or forfeit your flesh to join them in perfection

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