Bananya: The Card Game - Elder Wisdom Expansion

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Nya, Nya! The optimistic and sweets-loving Bananya will soon be coming to a tabletop near you!

The anime series based on Q-LiA's banana cat and friends has now gone on to inspire an all-new game with some awesome expansion packs.

Bananya has always wanted to become a trendy chocolate-covered banana so that everyone will love him. While he may not achieve his dreams of becoming a famous chocolate banana quite yet, he knows his friends will always love and support him on his journey, so to win this game you must collect all 10 super cute Bananyas.

The Sweet Expansion contains 16 cards (Elder Bananya x 6, Maid Bananya x 6, Wasabi x 2, and a reference card) that you can swap into the base game for different play!

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